The Road to Belwasa

Growing up in Sand Reef, Reuben had heard tales about his great-grandfather, about how he’d been kidnapped to toil like a slave in British Guiana. He longed to travel to that little village called Belwasa, deep in Bihar, to find out more about that part of his ancestral history. To get there, the reader is lured to find out more about Reuben’s life and the sacrifices he had to make before he made that journey to Belwasa

A Dip at the Sangam

Discover how sugar - white gold - changed the world, and how coolie indentureship replaced slavery through trickery and kidnapping. Against the backdrop of plantation life, the author, a master of innovative historical fiction, lures the reader into a world of intrigue, adventure, and romance.
Caught up in this grand scheme, thugs snatch Raja away from his pretty wife and herd him to join the hundreds of thousands before and after him onto a sailing ship in Calcutta headed to the distant colony of British Guiana. The year is 1869.
When the British fail to return Raja to his homeland, he makes good as a free man in the new colony. In his old age, he returns to his native home. Will he relight the spark of a once beautiful romance? Does he find solace in the Old World or the New?

About the Author

Reuben Lachmansingh is a graduate in Biology of the University of Toronto and an Honourary companion of the University of Guelph. He’s worked as a civil servant, science teacher, multi-award-winning motelier, entrepreneur. In his free time he has travelled the world, practised Taekwondo and played League as well as Oldies International Cricket tournaments, earning awards for Canadian and Australian teams.